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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bitsy Events: { DIY Wedding Decor }

Calling all crafty couples!  Here's an adorable wedding with many DIY projects you'll love.  

Bitsy had the pleasure of coordinating a beautiful wedding for Aaron + Alicia earlier this summer. This couple is very talented and artisy which certainly showed throughout their special day.  We feel in love with their ideas and truly thank them for letting us share!...

{ Love Window }

Photo courtesy of Matt Shumate Photography

Photo courtesy of Matt Shumate Photography
A three-pane window turned into a chic vintage decor item, yes please! On this piece, each window pane was hand-painted with something special to the couple: the words TRUE LOVE and the date of their wedding. This served as a beautiful decor piece on the mantel behind their head table during the reception.

You could also add your names, initials or even a quote to this project! Such a fun, affordable way to add a unique, personalized touch.  Not to mention browsing local thrift stores, yard sales or seeing what family may have stashed in their garage would be a fun treasure hunt to find the perfect piece.

{ Flower Girl Wagon }

Photo courtesy of Matt Shumate Photography

This little wagon served as a very crafty and very adorable ride for the precious little flower girl. Her custom wagon was hand-painted pastel yellow with the words "Love Flyer" displayed on the side in gray. As she rolled down the asile coming into the ceremony the custom sign on her wagon read "Almost Married" and as the ceremony concluded and she exited the wagon sign was flipped and then read "Just Married".  So so cute!

{Card Box Birds }

Photo courtesy of Matt Shumate Photography

Photo courtesy of Matt Shumate Photography

Here at Bitsy we love birds and couldn't help but "ooo & aww" over this adorable card box!  Inside the box rested a bride bird and a groom bird both crafted out of yellow print fabric for the bodies on top of black wire for the legs. The bride bird wore a lovely veil and the groom bird kept it classy with a black bow-tie.  On the outside of the box was the word "love" painted in gray.  

{ Wooden Star }

Photo courtesy of Matt Shumate Photography

Another awesome guest book creation! This gorgeous wooden star was hand-crafted by the groom himself. Guests signed the star with silver permanent pens and were very good about letting the ink dry. The end result was a beautiful memento for the couple to hang in their home for many years to come. 

... Now, go have fun! Be inspired.

A BIG thank you to Matt Shumate Photography for allowing us to share his stunning work!

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