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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Seattle Event Planner: Pink and orange owl themed baby shower ~ Look whooooo's having a BABY!

Wrap plastic silverware in colored napkins for a quick splash of color.
Pillow shaped favor boxes by Bitsy Events.

Colored tissue balls add a vibrant touch to any table setting and provide a more cost effective decor piece than the popular paper lanterns. Find out how to make your own at: 

Do-it-Yourself felt owl project can be found at:

Customized water bottle labels by Bitsy Events. 
Coming soon to the Bitsy Boutique!

Owl cupcakes 
Eyes: Oreo cookies and pink M&Ms 
Ears: Oreo cookies 
Nose: Mike n' Ikes
 Make two parallel cuts about a half inch apart on the side of the oreo without the frosting. Discard the center piece and use the outer pieces to stabilize the ears. Pipe with pink frosting and fill in the center. 
Helpful hint: microwave the Oreo cookies for about 5 seconds before peeling them apart. This will allow for all the frosting to stay on one side of the cookie to create the eyeball. 

Gerber Daisies make the perfect low budget centerpiece for any event. Place river rocks (sold at Michael's or any craft store) on the bottom of your favorite shape vase, fill with water, and float a cut flower on top. Add dried moss for extra color and depth to your arrangement. 

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  1. Such lovely Pink and orange owl themed baby shower. It really depicts the creative work of a professional planner. I am just so pleased to see these photos. Anyways, my cousin is also expecting and I want to throw a cute garden party for her at the local Seattle venues. Hope everything goes as planned.