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Friday, March 11, 2011

Seattle Wedding Planner: Why hire a coordinator?

In years past, wedding planners were considered a luxury and left for those who were planning large, extravagant weddings with endless budgets. But regardless of how much a bride and groom are spending on their big day, the fact remains that a typical wedding takes between 250 - 300 hours to plan! Who has the time for that? It’s no wonder why the label “bridezilla” gets slapped on many “uptight” women who are, in reality, merely overwhelmed by the task of planning such a large event.

For the organized bride (and supportive groom of course) with enough  ambition to take on such a large task, hiring a day-of-coordinator can help reduce stress by ensuring that all plans are carried out effortlessly come wedding day. After spending hours on end planning and perfecting every detail, the organized bride should be able to enjoy her big day with friends and family. While hiring a day of coordinator comes with an initial outlay of funds, package affordability is something that we at Bitsy try to achieve for all of our clients. We believe that having a coordinator should no longer be viewed as a luxury, but rather deemed a necessity.

The following is just a glimpse of the benefits associated with hiring a Bitsy event coordinator for your big day:

1.  Budget/Vendor Planning: We have a fantastic list of preferred vendors and many will extend a discount to our clients! Furthermore, we know how much you should typically spend on each vendor and can guide you with our fantastic money-saving and budget-planning tips.
2.  Organization and Guidance: Our day-of-coordination package isn’t just limited to the big day. We are here to answer any questions you may have along the way! Your coordinator will review all of your signed vendor contracts to ensure that you haven’t missed any Bitsy details.
3.  Event Management: Think of your coordinator as your project manager for the day. Effective coordination and communication with the photographer, catering staff, venue, wedding party, family, florist, videographer, officiant, ect. is key to a successful event.
4.  Itinerary and Timing Efficiency: Your coordinator will create an itinerary and make adjustments as needed on the day of. Efficient timing will ensure that your guests will stay for the duration of the event and won’t be left wondering, “why are we all just standing here?”

Still wondering if hiring a day-of-coordinator is beneficial? Ask yourself these questions:

-        Who will cue the DJ for your first dance?
-        Who will inform the catering staff that you are 15 minutes out until cake cutting and champagne toasts?
-        Who will pre-set all of your place cards, programs, favors, bubbles, and other details?
-        Who is going to call your transportation 20 minutes before you’re ready to leave?
-        Who will ensure that your cake cutting knife, toasting flutes, guest book and pens are set out?
-        Who will pin boutonnieres and make sure that grandma gets the correct corsage?
-        Who will ensure that all photos on your must-take list are checked off?
-        Who will be there to avert any major (or minor) emergencies like stains, broken shoes, missing buttons, broken bustle clips, family feuds, or intoxicated best man speeches? (yes, this does happen)
-        Who will be informing your guests of important announcements during the reception?
-        Who will be responsible for ensuring your vendors receive payment on the day of?
-        What will you do if a vendor doesn’t show up on time or doesn’t show up at all?
-        If the weather changes, who will coordinate with the bridal party, guests, venue and vendors to move the ceremony or order a last minute canopy?

The answer to all of these questions is Bitsy Events! You’ve planned enough already, now enjoy the day. It will go by faster than you think and there is no time to worry about whether or not your cellist has arrived or to track down your overly adventurous flower girl! Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll take care of the rest. 

By: Erica Gretch
Co-owner & Event Planner
Bitsy Event Planning & Custom Creations

The Bitsy Events Girls in Action

Pinning the Groom's boutonniere 

Lacing up the Bride's dress

Stepping in for a few last minute hair touch-ups on the Bride

Checking to see if the guitarist is ready for the processional to begin

Hanging a few last minute details before the reception


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